Why Alchemy Scientific!

Employers: Why Use Us?

Scientific Recruitment: High Quality and Competitive Fee

Alchemy Scientific, Inc. maximizes synergies in the efforts of all its associates, for a quality search process. Unlike many non-specialized firms, we focus on the related industries to keep our finger on the pulse of the employment market within. In doing so, we are able to develop contacts and relationships in these professions to find the right candidate for our client. This specialization is what differentiates us from search firms that spread their focus thin by concurrently looking for candidates in other areas such as law, sales, etc.

Many times the right candidate for the position is someone who is not actively searching at the time of the available opportunity. That is when our strong industry contacts and relationships are utilized.

All of our associates are from industry and thus are familiar with the market and the needs of our clients. The expertise of our associates in the specific area helps to ensure the absence of excessive resume submissions of non-qualified candidates. The end result is more time saved by our client.

In addition, the fees of Alchemy Scientific, Inc. are among the lowest in the industry whether it is for permanent placement or consulting work. This provides the employer not only a significant savings but also the opportunity to offer a higher compensation to the right candidate to help secure his or her acceptance.

We find that what our client’s like about us most is the fact that we can perform a high quality, focused market search, while still offering a competitive low fee.

Consulting Services
Many times a company needs only temporary services of a professional. Our pool of rich talent further helps us to assist our clients with their specialized needs ranging from a review with the FDA to project management. Let our consulting services help you find solutions for your company’s challenges.

Candidates: Why Use Us?

Alchemy Scientific, Inc. endeavors to provide all of its candidates with the widest variety of opportunities possible. Our focus on engineering and healthcare has yielded a broad selection of clients from dynamic small businesses to large conglomerates. This provides our candidates with more choices to send their resumes to.

Many times a very legitimate concern of a jobseeker is that their resume does not get sent to a client without their knowledge. Our policy at Alchemy Scientific, Inc. is not to send out any resume without the prior permission of the candidate.

For a candidate, a large factor in the decision making process whether to accept an offer or not, is understandably compensation. The standard fee arrangement of Alchemy Scientific, Inc. with our clients is very competitive. Many times this leaves the potential employer more room to offer additional compensation to the candidate, than they would have otherwise with a more costly recruiter.